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About Publications 

The Teaching for Impact History Taking Guide will be a publication aimed at medical students and junior doctors.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive resource that will take students through an approach to taking histories for core presentations seen in clinical practice across a wide range of specialties including general medicine, general surgery, emergency medicine, psychiatry, women’s health, paediatrics and general practice. This will be a year-long project, with the expected publication date early next year.

We are looking for one passionate individual to take charge of each of the above specialities as Lead Content Creator. You will be given the opportunity to develop the framework for your respective section of the booklet and contribute to content creation, with the option of recruiting additional team members who will work under your guidance.


All applicants must submit a written application with those successful being offered an interview. 


Available Positions:


  • General Medicine Lead x1 

  • General Surgery Lead x1 

  • Emergency Medicine Lead x1 

  • Psychiatry Lead x1

  • Women’s Health Lead x1

  • Paediatrics Lead x1

  • General Practice Lead x1

Lead Content Creator

Position duties and responsibilities:


  • Assist in the development of the publication content

  • Lead a team of content creators if necessary

  • Communicate regularly with the team 

  • Attend all team meetings, Medicine Program meetings and Operations Division meetings as required


Desirable attributes:


  • Clinical medical student or junior doctor with a demonstrated history of academic excellence

  • Clinical experience in the specialty you are applying for 

  • Relevant experience in content creation

  • Commitment to the role

  • Excellent time management and organisational skills

  • Experience of working within a team and being a leader 

  • Willingness to put in extra effort and step up when required


What you get out of it:


  • Opportunity to pioneer an innovative publication within Teaching for Impact, in order to facilitate meaningful change for aspiring medical practitioners across Australia, especially those from a disadvantaged background

  • Opportunity to be part of a growing youth-led, not-for-profit organisation

  • Opportunity to connect with passionate, like-minded individuals from a range of disciplines

  • Opportunity to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs

  • Formal recognition of your contribution at the end of your tenure and opportunity to acquire strong references for future job and volunteer applications


Cecilia Gu photo.jpg

Cecilia Gu

Clinical Medicine Lead


Alexandar To-Dang

Preclinical Medicine Lead

For questions pertaining to the role, reach out to:

Clinical Medicine Lead: Cecilia Gu

Email Address: