JMO Education Officer


Teaching for Impact's (TFI) Junior Medical Officer (JMO) stream aims to advance the professional

development of JMOs to improve the JMO experience and patient care.


TFI is launching an ambitious new project that will use technology to enhance JMO learning and

clinical practice. The JMO Companion App will be a free, quality assured, mobile accessible resource

that will host practical guidelines, aimed at JMOs across Australia, to assist and guide response to

common ward situations in real-time, with an action oriented focus. This initiative seeks to address

the lack of resources specifically for JMOs working under pressure, facilitate a smooth transition

from medical school to work and improve patient outcomes by ensuring timely and considered

decisions informed by best practice.


Imagine an intern on their first night shift asked to review a patient with new haematemesis. How

should the JMO triage this task, construct a differentials framework, perform a focused assessment,

synthesise an impression, escalate appropriately, investigate sensibly and commence initial

management. Consider a JMO asked to assess an aggressive patient refusing care. How should the

JMO assess the situation, balance staff safety with the patient's best interests, escalate accordingly

and document restrictive interventions safely. Consider other tasks like reviewing a nasogastric tube

position, vancomycin dose adjustment or withholding prophylactic enoxaparin. The JMO Companion

app aims to provide pragmatic guidance and solutions to addressing issues like these for JMOs on

the job.


Role description

To make the JMO Companion App a reality we are recruiting a team of interns, residents and

registrars who share an interest in advancing JMO education, learning and safety, to contribute to

the formation of guidelines to be hosted on the JMO Companion App. JMO Education Officers will

have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers and senior consultants, and to

contribute to an exciting education initiative with an exponential potential for tangible long lasting

impact on JMOs across Australia.


Desirable attributes

 Is a medical intern, resident or registrar

 Passionate about JMO education, teaching, safety and mental health

 Demonstrates ability to work cohesively in a team

 Creativity and capacity to contribute innovative ideas

 Demonstrates effective time management

 Able to balance meticulous attention to detail with a mature appreciate of the broader

needs of JMOs

 Experience in app design and development is favoured but not necessary


Applications from final year medical students will also be accepted. Priority will be given to PGY1+



Time commitment

2-4 hours per week


Attendance via conference call at one progress meeting every 2-3 weeks


Recruitment process

Applications open Sunday 30th May 2021.

Please submit your application via attached google form.

Applications close 11:59pm Friday 18th June 2021.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Friday 25th June 2021.

Applicants will not be required to attend an interview.

Please email Winston at with any queries.