It is with great excitement that I announce the impending launch of the 2021 TFI Medicine Lecture Series. 


Understanding the human body and how the environment interacts with it is critical to being able to make rational health decisions. In our community, we depend on experts of the human body, doctors, to guide us in our quest to lead healthy and productive lives. However, training to become a doctor can be a long, stressful and at times emotional journey. Our Medicine Program is designed to support the next generation of doctors through tailored tutelage and mentorship, so as to ensure that they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to consult on the health of the broader community to the highest standards.


Delivered by outstanding senior medical students and junior medical officers from leading hospitals across Victoria, including the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Health and Epworth, the TFI Medicine Lecture Series aims to provide high-quality supplemental instruction to medical students at all levels of training to help them excel in their studies and become the most proficient doctors possible. 

The 2021 TFI Medicine Lecture Series will be divided into 3 streams, each targeting a different student population. The Pre-Clinical Medicine Exam Revision Lecture Series, led by Alexander To-Dang, takes students through high-yield concepts pertaining to each major organ system and is tailored to pre-clinical medical students preparing for end-of-year exams. The A3 Tutorials, led by Jason Dong, aims to provide clinical students with useful frameworks for conceptualising common clinical presentations. Finally, the Virtual Ward Round Series, led by myself, seeks to provide senior medical students (and junior medical students looking for an extension) with practical insight into real-world medicine.


Consistent with the overarching mission of TFI, I am proud to announce that the 2021 TFI Medicine Lecture Series will be run as a fundraising initiative to support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), the largest independent human rights organisation for people seeking asylum in Australia. We share ASRC’s belief that all asylum seekers deserve protection, respect and a chance to rebuild their lives, and invite all medical students across Victoria (and indeed Australia) to join us in our campaign to make a meaningful contribution toward this worthy cause. 




Message from the President