Finance Officer

Purpose and Role

The Finance Officer works within the Finance and Sponsorship Team to develop a budget for each team within the organisation, monitor and approve any financial transactions, and advance the organisation’s fundraising platform. 

Role and place within the organisation

The Finance Officer works under the supervision of the Director of Finance and Sponsorship within the Finance and Sponsorship Team. 

Finance Officer

Position duties and responsibilities

  • Develop budget for each team within the organisation

  • Monitor and approve any financial transactions 

  • Prepare any financial reports, including the organisation’s Annual Financial Report for submission to the ACNC


Desirable attributes

  • Experience and interest in finance and accounting

  • Commitment to the role

  • Excellent time management and organisational skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Willingness to work respectfully within a team environment

  • Genuine passion and interest in education and the sustainable development of our planet

  • Willingness to put in extra effort when required


What you get out of it

  • Opportunity to be part of a growing youth-led, not-for-profit organisation 

  • Opportunity to connect with passionate, like-minded individuals from a range of disciplines

  • Opportunity to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs

  • Experience working with diverse team

  • Formal recognition of your contribution at the end of your tenure and opportunity to acquire strong references for future job and volunteer applications


Application steps

  • All interested applicants are to submit a Google Form application by 11.59 PM, Friday, 4 March 2022. 

  • Suitable candidates are to attend the interview at the specified date and time

    • Interviewee will be assessed on core qualities including leadership commitment, passion, organisational skills and time management. 

    • Failure to attend interview will result in an unsuccessful application.


For questions pertaining to this role, reach out to the team at


Victor Lin

President, Director of Medicine Program

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Jason Dong

Director of People and Culture, Preclinical Medicine Lead

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Cherry Shi

Vice President, Treasurer

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Nirmala Rao Dhanawada

Director of Marketing and Communications