Clinical Mentoring Program

Teaching For Impact (TFI) is a youth-led, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create meaningful impact within the community through education. Specifically, we aim to make tangible contributions to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ( by running a wide range of educational initiatives designed to nurture the next generation of leaders and close the gap of inequity for disadvantaged populations.


Mentoring Program

The TFI Mentoring program aims to support medical students across Victoria in realising their full potential by offering the opportunity to be paired with a current doctor at their clinical site as a mentor. The nature of this mentorship focuses around improving confidence in examination and procedural skills by facilitating real patient encounters, however this can be flexible to the needs of the mentee. Depending on numbers and interest, we will also match mentees to a mentor currently working in a specialty that interests them. 



  • Ongoing commitment to weekly or fortnightly meetings (either of/both of in person and online) for the duration of Semester 2 (July to November) in 2021

  • Mutual respect, honesty and professionalism in the mentoring relationship

  • Mentors to facilitate patient encounters by identifying prospective patients for the mentee and supervise the encounter, which may include the mentee taking a medical history, performing a relevant physical examination and/or performing a clinically indicated procedural skill


What you get out of it


  • Opportunity to practice relevant clinical skills under supervision in order to receive feedback 

  • Opportunity to form meaningful contact to receive insight on general medical matters, specialty training

  • Receive Certificate of Participation on completion of the program and filling out program evaluation form



  • Opportunity to contribute to a medical student’s development of clinical skills and share clinical insight

  • Development of mentoring, teaching and leadership skills for use in future roles

  • Formal recognition of your contribution on completion of the program and opportunity to acquire strong references for future job and volunteer applications 



  • Mentees: any medical student in their clinical placement years studying at a Victorian university

  • Mentors: any doctor working at a Victorian hospital


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